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About us:-

Zenith Biology is a Kolkata based coaching centre, providing high quality guidance in all branches of biology for different national level competitive entrance examinations. Classroom Coaching as well as Online Guidance Programmes are provided for different PhD Entrance Examinations like Joint-CSIR-UGC_NET (Life Sciences), GATE (Life Sciences) and similar programmes for Medical Entrance Tests like AIPMT/NEET. Interested aspirants can contact us for further details. Joint CSIR-UGC NET (NET) being the most popular and sought after PhD entrance examination we have also structured our course schedules based on the timing of this exam. So our classroom teaching sessions commences in January and July every year and continues till 7 days before the respective NET exam date. But any student receiving our guidance will be well equipped to face any national level PhD entrance test.

Vision of our teacher/mentor:-

Qualifying NET/GATE in life science is not a tough task. Your depth in the biological science gives you about 60% to 70% capability to crack the exam. The rest 30% to 40% comes from some technical expertise i.e. to choose the right option among 4 alternatives, to choose which questions are in your covered areas (specially in PART – C), to analyse problems correctly and most importantly to do all these IN THE EXAM HALL. Although this 30% or 40% seems to be small, it is the remnant of your 100% capability to crack the exam. Practising lots of questions in a bound time under PROPER GUIDANCE can only strengthen your technical expertise. Our teaching pattern is mainly based on taking maximum number of MOCK tests on PART A, B and C with guidance to cover the most impact areas of syllabus.

Our Record speaks for us:-

We have got exceptional track record of successfully guiding three hundreds of students for Joint CSIR-UGC NET,GATE (for Life Sciences), and other national level Ph.D entrance examinations such as ICMR, JNU, IISC, NCBS, and TIFR etc. Most of our successful students are currently pursuing Ph.D. in different Universities and Research Institutes in different parts of India while some have joined different institutes as Assistant Professor.

Our Strength: Our Teaching:-

Our aim is to impart quality education to the aspirants who want to pursue their career in research, academics and medical science and we are lucky to have Bani Kumar Pathak (M.Sc, PhD) as our principle mentor. For the past ten years he is preparing students coming from various disciplines of life sciences for national level PhD entrance examinations. He is also involved in active research with currently pursuing post doctoral research. This makes him a dynamic teacher who not only imparts theoretical knowledge to his students but also pass on his day to day scientific experiences. So apart from getting trained for clearing competitive exams the students also get a first hand idea about the actual laboratory life. Most importantly his detail background research to understand the trend of questions and his innovative ways of training the aspirants on how to tackle a vast syllabus in the most effective way makes the scenario much easier for them.

our Qualities

Qualities That Make us “A Class Apart”

Audio Visual Lectures

Taught using PowerPoint & Animations (audio visual lectures) which you can refer back for revision.


Tips and tricks of solving multiple choice questions by our experts to solve questions using shortcuts.

Modern Bio-chemical

Provides research idea for modern bio-chemical practices to crack specially group C questions in CSIR-NET.

MOCK Tests

Regular MOCK tests and discussion sessions on CSIR level questions.

Study Materials.

We provide Good quality study materials base on the previous year's questions.

Limites Student

Only 20 students per batch to ensure individual attention towards each and every one.

Flexible Teaching

Flexible teaching methods which can be modified according to a student’s personality

Affordable Course Fees

Last but not the least, you get all these at an affordable tuition/course fees.


After successfully running of our CSIR-NET/SET/GATE coaching we introduced regular classroom BIOLOGY coaching for all medical entrances.

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